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Awarded York Region's Nursery School of Character

Awarded York Region's
Nursery School of Character

  • Nut Free
  • Diaper Friendly
  • Non profit, Government Licensed
  • Weekly Music and Yoga classes
A 4-R Model School Designed to Develop: Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsiveness
Summer Camp
Unequalled Parenting Course

Our School

The school comprises 4,
000 square feet and, in appearance, co-exists comfortably in the primarily residential area. Open space, glass and light gives a feeling of autonomy, while subtly-enclosed group areas help to create an atmosphere of belonging. The building, designed to be part of the community, is a comfortable place for children, staff, and parents to meet, mingle and learn.

Our Award

The year 2009 marked Kinderschool's 45th anniversary of being in operation with "York Region's School of Character" Award which is presented to a school that has systematically developed a sustainable character development initiative that positively impacts the climate and culture of their school and community.




At Kinderschool we believe nurturing a child’s joy of play leads
to increased self-confidence, respect for oneself and others,
co-operation, appreciation of effort not end result, and value of
participation and contribution as an equal in the group. We focus
on the underlying motivation of behavior, not the behavior itself.

When children have a feeling of belonging there is no need for a child to act out. Without misbehavior much time is saved for learning and although we focus on play, the relaxed atmosphere promotes much comprehesion and retention of cognitive materials. After 51 years, most of our students attend post secondary education and lead happy, useful lives.

We have even welcomed some of “their” children to learn and grow within our Kinderschool community.

Althea Poulos - Director

About our Director/Founder

As a teacher in the public system, originally, Althea saw a critical need for teachers and parents to promote respectful, equality-based principals for working with children - to win and joyfully earn their respect, co-operation and participation - as opposed to making demands for constructive behaviour through the use of coercive, manipulative and, or punitive measures to force or 'encourage' it. Through the developement of responsibility, self-reliance and courage your child will learn to meet the needs of naturally changing circumstances and situations throughout life.


Our Staff

Kinderschool staff are qualified, creative, motivated and enjoy work-sharing and child care. Each room has a teacher who is E.C.E. qualified and registered with the college of Early Childhood Educators. We are licensed by the Ministry of Education. All staff is Adlerian trained with skills upgraded annually to ensure the latest child care development advances are passed on to your children. An extremely low turnover rate ensures your family enjoys the same favorite teachers year after year. Between us we have over 150 years of combined teaching experience and we are mothers collectively to 26 children.


Music Class

About the Adlerian Philosopy

Alfred Adler was a physician, psychiatrist, philosopher, humanitarian, author and educator who lived in a vibrant time, alongside Jung and Freud in turn of the century Vienna. We see his teaching today in parent Education, school systems, counseling, psychotherapy, public health, business, the arts and of course – Kinderschool.

We model our education after Alfred Adler

Kinderschool Parents Support Group  

Our Book

“Children: the Challenge” which is taught during our Parent Study Groups and given FREE with every registration was written by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, one of America’s foremost child psychiatrists and student of Adler. It presents an easy-to-follow program that teaches parents step-by-step how to cope with the common childhood problems that occur from toddler through to preteen years.


How We Develop the FOUR R’s

The 4 R’s are exercised by group play, circle discussions, outings, creative expression (crafts, music, movement, drama, etc.) tidy-up time followed by “table talk” and doing for oneself. All children, including “diagnosed" autistic and special needs children get turned around at Kinderschool as relaxing teaching skills and empowering parenting discussions permits calm, responding and rational connections.

Kinderschool Teaches Your Child

  • Everyone is a “social equal"
  • One decides for one’s self
  • To speak up for one’s self
  • There are consequences to making decisions
  • We cannot have freedom unless we respect the freedom of others
  • Without order there can be no freedom
  • It’s all right to make mistakes;
  • They are the stepping stones to learning

    We Also Learn:

  • To share,to listen, to finish what is begun,
  • To put away when one is done,
  • To laugh, to cry, to let Mom or Dad go and accept what's so.
  • To contribute and participate, to feel courageous,
  • To kiss and hug, to be together and alone,
  • To help one another, care for one another
  • And above all, to love one another.

Kinderschool's programmes are designed to develop:

Responsibility; achieved by giving children decision making powers relative to their level of experience.

Resourcefulness; accomplished by providing children with opportunities to explore their potentialities.

Respect; attained by regarding all with respect and working to gain it.

Responsiveness; gained by recognizing the needs of others.

Suggested Reading For Parents

Children: the Challenge
     Author: Dr. R. Dreikurs
Discipline Without Tears
      Author: P. Cassel
100 Ways to Enhance Self-Esteem
      Author: Cranfield Wells
What do you Really Want for Your Children?
      Author: Dr. W. Dyer
Breaking the Good Mom Myth
      Author: Alyson Schafer
Honey I Wrecked the Kids
      Author: Alyson Schafer

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